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Delisa Rose is your luxury lingerie destination, ‘featuring designs around the world, plus our own in-house signature collections.

We're based in Houston, TX and ship worldwide.


We take a different approach to design and production with emphasis on waste reduction and eliminating over production with made to order products.  Delisa Rose signature collections are thoughtfully designed with a nod to Taquiela’s engineering background as evidence by directional cuts, geometric shapes, and design layout to accentuate the woman’s body.  Our pieces are intended to be purchased thoughtfully, worn often and treasured for years to come. At Delisa Rose we are continually seeking new products and opportunities to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.



Delisa Rose Luxury Lingerie is modern, innovative, socially and environmentally responsible with a focus on maintaining our passion for reducing waste and sustainable manufacturing.

Custom tailoring is available at Delisa Rose Luxury Lingerie. 

Customers have the opportunity to express themselves and their individuality through various color schemes, fabrics, and design.


Delisa Rose Luxury Lingerie will make your vision a reality while allowing you to feel equally beautiful.  Each piece can be uniquely created for each uniquely created customer by our small team of designers in Texas, United States.


Custom tailoring sets us apart; however, many of our styles are adjustable by accommodating a range of sizes through the use of stretch fabrics and elastic elements.


Contact Delisa Rose Luxury Lingerie via email for your custom tailoring needs. Following placement of your custom, handmade Delisa Rose Luxury Lingerie anticipate approximately three to six weeks prior to shipment; however, shipment times may be lengthier due to order volumes and season.

Only our signature collection is made in America. However we do buy beautiful designs from around the world, including China.


For our signature collection, we cut out and make each piece as it is ordered. Everything is made with personal care and attention. It takes longer to make things like this but the process has value.

Good Honest Work

Everybody wins with Delisa Rose Luxury Lingerie.  Our quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, minimal waste, and innovative designs are what makes Delisa Rose Luxury Lingerie unique and personal.  Our process has value as each custom design is fabricated upon order.  Wear It, Love it, Live It!

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Taquiela Wright is the founder and CEO of Delisa Rose, a luxury lingerie brand that was birthed in 2021 with the focus to empower women by allowing them to embrace their bodies and differences while boosting their confidence through design that is elegant, luxurious, and accommodating to all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities.


Taquiela Wright is an engineer in the Oil and Gas industry and has successfully navigated a 23 year career; however, her love and passion for becoming a lingerie designer dates back to her childhood.  Taquiela was born in Peoria, IL and endured many life altering circumstances as a young child that led to depression, poor self confidence, and decreased sense of belonging.  Taquiela is a warrior…a survivor…a winner at life.  Taquiela has turned her challenging life experiences into a positive mission of celebrating  oneself through self expression.  Taquiela’s design esthetics complement the woman’s body and allow each woman to celebrate their differences and similarities in a unique and empowering manner.

Taquiela Wright is not only one of the newest luxury lingerie designers, but also a motivational speaker who shares her life experiences to offer support, guidance, and empowerment to all regardless of the circumstances.

Wear It. Love it. Live it.

Taquiela Wright

Owner-Founder | Delisa Rose



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